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The ultimate solution for onshore & offshore BOPs. API Spec 6A – Adapters and Spacer Spools, Valves, Flanged Connectors, Tees and Crosses API Spec 16A – Ram BOP, Annular BOP, Drilling Spool, Adapter, Loose Connections

Ram BOP--S Type

Ram BOP--S Type

The ultimate solution for onshore & offshore BOPs. API Spec 6A – Adapters and Spacer Spools, Valves, Flanged Connectors, Tees and Crosses API Spec 16A – Ram BOP, Annular BOP, Drilling Spool, Adapter, Loose Connections

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“LWS. SL” S  Type Ram BOP


Structual Feature
●  Pressurized components adopts superior alloy steel with good strength and impact toughness.
●  Door seal of the high pressure BOP uses combined seal, which has better seal from the well pressure.
●  Use floating or integral gate, can seal safely and change conveniently.
●  Use buriel-type oil passage, Bearing hinge is separated from the hydraulic hinge.
●  Hinge structure is simple, easy to dismount and mount.
●  Use big arc-type shell on both sides of the chamber, and transit by arc-type all around, to reduce the peak stress of the shell under pressure.
●  With compact structure, smaller than similar foreign products.
●  The internal shell of BOP resistant to low temperature can process pipeline, to make the steam flow inside the BOP, radiat heat.


Ram Assembly
● Pipe Ram

1. Top seal 2. Front seal 3. Ram body1. Ram body 2. Bolt 3. Ram bolt 4. Ram rubber
5. Clamp holder
HF type Ram assembl

S type Ram assembl

1. Top seal rubber 2. Front seal rubber 3. Ram body
4. Clamp holder 5. Ram bolt

H type Ram assembly


Shear Ram
Shear ram can cut pipe the well, blindly close the wellhead, and also used as blind ram when there is no pipe in the well. The installation of shear ram is the same with the original ram.
●  In the normal condition used as blind ram, in case of emergency, used as shear ram.
●  Shear damper can be repeatedly cut pipe and not damage the blade, The weared the blade can be reused after the repair. Shenkai produces the shear ram with shear life in more than five times, Allowed to replace the sealing rubber.
●  The ordinary ram blade is integrated with the ram body.
●  The ram blade of BOP resistant to high sulfer is separated with the ram body, which is easy to change blade after blade damaged, and make the ram body be able to repeated use.
●  The contact sealing surface between top seal of shear ram and blade is large, which effectively reduce the pressure on the rubber sealing surface, and prolong its life.

1. Down shear ram body 2. Top seal rubber 3. Right seal rubber 4. Blade sealLeft seal rubber 3. Up shear ram body
4. Top seal rubber 5. Left seal rubber 6. Up shear ram body

Shear Ram Assembly Structure of S type Ram BOP

Variable Ram
Variable ram can be used to seal different diameter of pipe string. Variable ram is composed of variable ram, top seal, variable front seal. The installation of variable ram in the BOP is in the same as the common ram, don't need to change any part of the BOP.

1. Variable Ram Rubber 2. Ram Body 3. Top Seal Rubber
Variable Ram Assembly Structure of S type Ram BOP

S Ram BOP Specification&Model


Operating pressure
180-7  1/16230-9280-11350-13 5/8430-16 3/4480-18 3/4530-20 3/4540-21 1/4680-26 3/4


Note:S Ram BOP Specification&Model

S represents S type ram BOP


Specification&ModelMain Bore
Working Pressure
Oil quantity for opening (Single Cylinder)Oil quantity for closing(Single Cylinder)Ram TypeRam Size
Dimension mmweight kgRecommended BOP code
180(71/16 in)series(2)FZ18-21179.4(71/16)21-30001.62Hmaximum5 9/1614206455688548551540(2)S04.00
(2)FZ18-35179.4(71/16)35-50001.62Hmaximum5 9/1614206456249108951580(2)S48.00
(2)FZ18-70179.4(71/16)70-100002.22.5Hmaximum5 9/161720640897126216603020(2)S62.00
(2)FZ18-105179.4(71/16)105-150007.48Hmaximum5 1/21988820922137231755885(2)S29.00A
230(9in)series(2)FZ23-21228.6-921-30001.31.5HFmaximum 715265655808667051250(2)S79.00
(2)FZ23-35228.6-935-50004.75.3HFmaximum 72036720805119018303415(2)S23.00
(2)FZ23-70228.6-970-1000078Hmaximum 723248501038151836356835(2)S01.00
(2)FZ23-105228.6-9105-1500010.210.9HFmaximum 721709201140164041507500(2)S93.00
280(11in)series(2)FZ28-21279.4-1121-30002.73.2Smaximum 8 5/81846675740110014002550(2)S77.00
(2)FZ28-35279.4-1135-50005.46.2Smaximum 8 5/82265785895132524754550(2)S45.00
(2)FZ28-70279.4-1170-1000078Hmaximum 8 5/823248501102158237706850(2)S16.00
(2)FZ28-105279.4-11105-1500014.616.7Hmaximum 8 5/82650105012441784630311028(2)S67.00
346(135/8 in)series(2)FZ35-21346.1(135/8)21-30007.88.9Smaximum 10 3/42414760774116427055115(2)S78.00
(2)FZ35-35346.1(135/8)35-50007.99.3Smaximum 10 3/42415847930137030105480(2)S103.00
(2)FZ35-70346.1(135/8)70-100001820.7HFmaximum 10 3/42786108512761782612011135(2)S104.00
(2)FZ35-105346.1(135/8)105-1500017.420Hmaximum 10 3/43074114014201985894516070(2)S115.00
425(163/4 in)(2)FZ43-35425.5(163/4)35-500010.311.6HFmaximum 10 3/4292311901090157053009860(2)S95.00
476(183/4 in)series(2)FZ48-35476.3(183/4)35-500024.527.9HFmaximum 163430144015042072975812286(2)S116.00
(2)FZ48-70476.3(183/4)70-1000024.527.9HFmaximum 1634301440161821861031220624(2)S102.00
527(203/4in)(2)FZ53-21527.1(203/4)21-300012.213.6HFmaximum 163424116510651650613013355(2)S83.00
540(211/4 in)series(2)FZ54-14539.8(211/4)14-200012.113.8HFmaximum 16330011309401480556010200(2)S33.00
(2)FZ54-35539.8(211/4)35-50002629.6HFmaximum 163590144513201950927017670(2)S105.00
680(263/4in)(2)FZ68-21679.5(263/4)21-300032.637HFmaximum 18 5/843501450125018701236020290(2)S87.00
Note:1. BOP Testing pressure is 1.5 times of standard pressure
2. Operating pressure is from 8.4Mpa to 10.5Mpa


S Type Shear Ram Operating specification


BOP TypeBOP modelRecommended BOP codeCylinder TypeSpecification of drill pipe
S(2)FZ 18-70(2)S62.00Normal cylinder\
(2)S92.00Cylinder with tandem booster4 1/2"  16.6lb/ft  G-105  PSL-3
(2)FZ28-35(2)S45.00Large cylinder\
(2)S100.00Large cylinder5"  19.5lb/ft  G-105  PSL-3
(2)FZ 28-70(2)S16.00Normal cylinder\
(2)S02.00Large cylinder5"  19.5lb/ft  G-105  PSL-3
(2)FZ 35-35(2)S103.00Normal cylinder\
(2)S99.00Large cylinder5"  19.5lb/ft  G-105  PSL-3
(2)FZ 35-70(2)S104.00Normal cylinder5"  19.5lb/ft  G-105  PSL-3
(2)S112.00Large cylinder5 1/2"  24.7lb/ft  G-105  PSL-3
(2)S117.00Cylinder with tandem booster5 1/2"  24.7lb/ft  S-135  PSL-3
(2)FZ 35-105(2)S115.00Normal cylinder5"  19.5lb/ft  G-105  PSL-3
(2)S113.00Cylinder with tandem booster5 1/2"  24.7lb/ft  S-135  PSL-3
(2)FZ 54-35(2)S105.00Normal cylinder5"  19.5lb/ft  G-105  PSL-3


S Type Variable Ram Range


BOP TypeBOP ModelRange of Variable Ram (in)
S(2)FZ 18-702 3/8"-3 1/2"
(2)FZ28-352 3/8"-3 1/2"3 1/2"-5"
(2)FZ 28-702 3/8"-3 1/2"3 1/2"-5"
(2)FZ 35-352 3/8-3 1/22 7/8"-5"4 1/2-5 1/25-7"
(2)FZ 35-702 3/8-3 1/23 1/2-5"4 1/2-5 1/25-7"
(2)FZ 35-1052 3/8-3 1/2 3 1/2-5"4 1/2-5 1/25-7"
(2)FZ 53-214 1/2"-5 1/2"
(2)FZ 54-144 1/2"-5 1/2"
(2)FZ 54-354 1/2"-5 1/2"

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