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Boss Oilwell Products & Manufacturing, Inc is a global oilfield drilling and production equipment manufacturing and supplying company, offering the ultimate one-stop solution for oil & gas industry.

BOPM was founded with one philosophy in mind; Performance matter, Service count! Consistent and rugged performance gets the job done, and gets it done just right, 24/7 service ensure solution is offered anytime needed. BOPM offer one-stop service for all your drilling capital equipment and spare parts needs. With competitive price and in-stock delivery time, we have them ready to perform in the field whenever you need them. At Boss, product quality & performance integrity should never be a concern; our 80 years combined experience of oilfield equipment manufacturing ensures extremely rugged and reliable field performance, quality control starts from qualified raw material, precise craftsmanship, advanced assembly practice to relentless testing and inspection.



-------------------Performance Matter, Service Count-----------------------

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Address: 10700 Richmond Ave Ste. 207 Houston, Texas 77042;Our salespersons will be reaching out to you directly to assist with your oil and gas needs and we looking forward to serving you better!

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