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Pneumatic Type Surface Accumulator System

BOP Accumulator System

BOP Accumulator System

Pneumatic Type Surface Accumulator System

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BOP Accumulator System


The surface accumulator system is mainly used to control the open and close of wellhead BOP stack and blow off valve while oil and gas well drilling. The accumulator system ismainly consisted with remote control system, driller’s panel, air cable (except electrical type), pipe rack (electrical warming system available for cold area), high pressuremanifold, protection room, etc. The design and manufacture complies with SY/T5053.2 and API Spec 16D specifications.

Adapts advanced Profibus technology and PLC control technology to realize easy & automatic operation. Can be customized according to customer special requirement, multiple EX techniques can be applied which complies with European CE standard.Backup power available for the whole system lasts more than 120 minutes, ensures continuous working and safe well site operation.Stable operation under harsh condition.Driller’s panel is designed with compact size, position indication and mis-operation proof function.Use fast joint for convenient installation at well site.

PN-T automatic recording module available for electrical type accumulator system, which can trace the operation data of the system.Compatible with our drilling parameters instrumentation which provides integrated monitoring function.The operation mode is available with touch screen and button type.

ModelNumber of controlled objectsAccumulator unit

Explsionproof motor Power


Pump system displacementRated operating pressure of the system (Mpa)Maximum operating pressure of the sysem (Mpa)
Total volume (L)Available liquid volume (L)Installation modeTriplex pump (mL/r)Pneumatic pump
FKQ1920-7780×24960Side / Rear18.5×380×3120×62131.5
FKQ1600-141480×20800Side / Rear18.5×280×2120×42131.5
FKQ1600-121280×20800Side / Rear18.5×280×2120×42131.5
FKQ1600-101080×20800Side / Rear18.5×280×2120×42131.5
FKQ1600-101080×20800Side / Rear18.5×480×4120×122131.5
FKQ1440-141460×24720Side / Rear18.5×280×2120×42131.5
FKQ1280-101080×16640Side / Rear18.5×280×2120×32131.5
FKQ1280-9980×16640Side / Rear18.5×280×2120×32131.5
FKQ1280-8880×16640Side / Rear18.5×280×2120×22131.5
FKQ1280-7780×16640Side / Rear18.5×280×2120×22131.5
FKQ1200-9960×20600Side / Rear18.5×280×2120×32131.5
FKQ1200-8860×20600Side / Rear18.5×280×2120×22131.5
FKQ960-8860×16480Side / Rear18.5×280×2120×22131.5
FKQ960-7760×16480Side / Rear18.5×280×2120×22131.5
FKQ800-8840×20400Side / Rear18.5801202131.5
FKQ 800-7740×20400Side / Rear18.5801202131.5
FKQ 800-6640×20400Side / Rear18.5801202131.5
FKQ720-7760×12360Side / Rear18.5801202131.5
FKQ 720-6660×12360Side / Rear18.5801202131.5
FKQ 640-6640×16320Side / Rear18.5801202131.5
FKQ 640-5540×16320Side / Rear18.5801202131.5
FKQ 480-5540×12240Side / Rear18.5801202131.5
FKQ 480-4440×12240Side / Rear18.5801202131.5
FKQ320-5540×8160Side / Rear15601202131.5
FKQ320-4440×8160Side / Rear15601202131.5
FKQ320-3340×8160Side / Rear15601202131.5
FKQ240-3340×6120Side / Rear15601202131.5
FKQ200-4425×8100Side / Rear15601202131.5
FKQ160-3340×480Side / Rear15601202131.5
FKQ150-2250×375Side / Rear15601202131.5
FK125-3325×562.5Side / Rear7.5/1128×2121
FK80-3340×240Side / Rear7.528×2121
FK80-2240×240Side / Rear7.528×2121
FK75-2225×362.5Side / Rear7.528×2121
FK63-2263×131.5Side / Rear7.528×2121
FK50-2225×225Side / Rear7.528×2121
FK40-2240×120Side / Rear7.528×2121
FK25-2225×212.5Side / Rear7.528×2121
FK25-1125×212.5Side / Rear7.528×2121

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