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Boss Oilwell Products & Manufacturing, Inc is a global oilfield drilling and production equipment manufacturing and supplying company, offering the ultimate one-stop solution for oil & gas industry. 

Boss Oilwell Products & Manufacturing, Inc is the ultimate one-stop solution for oilfield drilling & production equipment, Boss owns 16 different manufacturing plants and R&D centers, including 7500T forging foundry, high-end machining, cladding & Tungsten coating manufacturing plant, high-performance Gear manufacturing plant, API 16A BOP & 6A Valve manufacturer, AND massive fabrication facility. All of our equipment and parts are manufactured under our own plants to ensure consistent premium quality and superior rugged performance.


At BOPM, we proudly offer Triplex Mud Pump& Parts, Well Service pump & Parts, Drilling Equipment & parts, Well Control Equipment, API 16A& 6A valve and wellhead products, High-end gears & gearbox; we also can provide various high-profile forgings, high-end machining, and world-class manufacturing services. Starting from premium manufacturing, through efficient global logistics & warehouse management, to final products sales service, BOSS manages it to the perfection throughout the whole process at every aspect to become:

----The ultimate one-stop solution for Global drilling & production equipment needs----

With our headquarters located in world energy hub-Houston, TX we are here to provide swift support and responsive service.

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Performance stands for combination of superior quality and consistent reliability, service represents our extremely competitive price, ready-to-go delivery time and 24/7 service.



-------------------Performance Matter, Service Count-----------------------


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